5 Reasons Executives Should Schedule A Massage Today

Most people still view massages as a luxury item. They feel like they are spoiling themselves by booking a massage whether it’s a 30-minute massage, one-hour massage or a four-hour spa day. But some business leaders are starting to look at massage more as a necessity just like working out and eating healthy. Study after study keeps touting the benefits of massage. As a result, many executives are changing their mindset from thinking of massage as a nice treat to thinking of massage as an essential item in their routine that helps them perform at the top of their game. Here are five reasons why you should stop making excuses and book that massage today.


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Massage Therapy and Chronic Conditions

Massage therapy is a popular type of alternative treatment in traditional forms of medicine practiced in China, Japan, India, and Egypt.  As a means to prevent conditions arising from physical, mental, and emotional stress, and to complement a treatment for a particular ailment, massage therapy is preferred because it offers a non-invasive means to achieve wellness and good health.  It is also often recommended and used by individuals suffering from chronic conditions.  

The use of massage therapy is well-documented and supported.  In China and India, massage was used as far back as 4,000 years ago.  It was considered for its therapeutic properties in the West in 400 BC and was supported by medical practitioners in the U.S. in the 19th century.  It declined in use only in the 1940s when pharmaceutical drugs and medications became prevalent.  It has increased in popularity recently, thanks to an alternative medical practice review in the 1994 publication of the National Institute of Health and the use of massages in the field of health care.

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